Supplier News

  1. Do You Have An Effective Electrical Safety Program?
    Incorporating safety into the design of a facility is generally a standard practice for design engineers.
  2. New Brochure Available From ABB For Pulp And Paper Industry
    Emphasizing enhanced plant performance, a new 12-page brochure from ABB Instrumentation covers the company's broad range of instruments and systems available for the pulp and paper industry worldwide
  3. Coreflex’s High Purity Hoses Ideal For Pulp And Paper Industry
    Coreflex LLC specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality hose and fittings for high purity applications. High purity hoses ideal for pulp and paper systems are now available
  4. Eriez Introduces The New Process Industries Group
    Tim Shuttleworth, Eriez President and CEO, announces the introduction of the company’s new Processing Group, which will serve the Plastics, Glass, Rubber, Pulp & Paper, Wood and Textile industries
  5. Emerson Introduces Chemically Durable pH Sensors
    The Model 398 TUpH® features technology that ensures long life in processes that typically coat, foul and poison most other electrodes...
  6. Synterprise Launches Ecotube Combustion Improvement/Emissions Reduction Technology In North America
    Synterprise Global Consulting has announced the North America availability of the Ecotube System, an advanced combustion improvement and CO and NOx reduction technology solution
  7. S-COR, A Revolutionary Engineered Biopharm Hose Of Teflon®
    Flexible hoses are commonplace in biopharm applications: WFI/HWFI, load cell, process liquids, reagents, steam, and delivery systems, to name a few.
  8. New Ergonomic Neck Support Aids In Reducing Neck Strain
    Dr. D.G.Racicot, B.Sc., D.C., designed the neck support system (Cervical Spine Protective Support) originally for hydro workers who worked outdoors where there is a propensity to ‘look up’ to the point of neck strain
  9. All-Purpose Application Uses of Hoses of Teflon®
    No material offers the overall properties of Teflon®. As a hose, you can install it and forget it..! It never ages. Hoses of Teflon® have a wide range of high and low temperature capability and the pressure rating to go along with it
  10. Opacity Compensation For Paper Using The SpectraProbe XE
    The opacity of paper can affect its color. For single-sheet measurements in particular, a change in opacity results in a change in color. When taking color measurements in a laboratory using a benchtop instrument, a “stack” is created by folding the paper a number of times until it appears opaque...