Supplier News

  1. Title V Operating Permit Renewal
    Many U.S. manufacturing facilities are in the process of renewing their Title V Operating Permits (as required by the 1990 Clean Air Act). The renewal process is an excellent time to evaluate your current permit and determine what changes to make for the permit renewal
  2. Protective Devices Maintenance As It Applies To The Arc/Flash Hazard
    One of the key components of the Flash Hazard Analysis, which is required by NFPA 70E-2000, is the clearing time of the protective devices, primarily circuit breakers and protective relays.
  3. Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis
    'Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together'
    Two industrial electricians began work in the basement electrical room one day. They wanted to take some physical measurements and knew the switchgear was energized but were in a hurry to get started.
  4. Electricity - The 'SILENT KILLER'
    Electricity is often referred to as a “silent killer” because it cannot be tasted, seen, heard, or smelled.
  5. Electrical Safety Training
    There are many benefits to having well trained and qualified employees. One of the major benefits expressed by the industry is the reduction of unscheduled down time.
  6. Quest Introduces The NEW Soundpro® DLX Hand Held Sound Level Meter & Real-Time Frequency Analyzer
    Quest Technologies Incorporated, an employee-owned world leader in the development and manufacture of monitoring instrumentation and software for occupational and environmental health & safety (OEHS) applications, today announced the release of SoundPro DLX, the world’s most powerful hand-held acoustic measurement system
  7. Aurora Specialty Chemistries Corporation, A Single Source Manufacturer Of Paper Chemistry, Announces New Wet Strength Technology
    The new Aurora line of Intensity wet strength technology will provide all the intense strength you will ever need
  8. Aurora Specialty Chemistries Corporation, A Single Source Manufacturer Of Paper Chemistry, Announces New Dry Strength Technology
    The new Aurora line of Superflex dry strength technology is unparalleled
  9. ColorQuest® XE-Touch
    The NEW ColorQuest XE-Touch measures the color of plastic, paint, textile, paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and
    petroleum products
  10. First Dockable PID Upgraded With Several Enhanced Features
    Industrial Scientific Corporation is pleased to announce several enhancements to the VX500, the first dockable PhotoIonization Detector (PID). Built for use in confined space entry testing, leak assessments, arson investigations, hazardous materials response, or any application requiring detection of a number of volatile organic compounds