Supplier News

  1. Pump-Friendly Flow Meter For Tight-Squeeze Plant Retrofits Simplifies Installation & Cuts Cost
    With its innovative design, the V2 System Flow Meter from McCrometer offers superior accuracy and can be installed in close proximity to pumps in crowded plant retrofit projects by reducing up to 70 percent the straight-pipe runs required by other meters, which results in real estate, pipe and labor cost savings that can actually exceed the cost of the instrument.
  2. NSK Rebranding Focuses On Building Stronger Customer Connections
    Tom Rouse, President of NSK Corporation (NSK), is proud to announce the launch of an exciting brand campaign, designed to stimulate customers' knowledge and understanding of NSK.
  3. Overview: Pre-Krete In Pulp & Paper
    Typical Pre-Krete applications are in Kraft Mills, which produce Kraft Paper. This information is a broad and simplified overview of the operations of a Kraft Mill. Each mill has a unique process and process requirements. Dependent on the application, Pocono Fabricators' Pre-Krete sytems may be able to help. By Pocono Fabricators
  4. Pocono Fabricators Aquired By Sauereisen Inc.
    Sauereisen Inc., a manufacturer of specialty materials in Pittsburgh, PA, announces the acquisition of Pocono Fabricators, a Division of Patterson-Kelley Co. and Harsco.
  5. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.'s HALO System Wins Business Achievement Award
    The latest advancement in oxidation ditch technology, PMSL's HALO System, incorporates four separate technology choices to optimize the biological treatment of municipal wastewater.
  6. New Reverse-Helix Propeller Flow Meter Sheds Debris, Resists Sand In Surface And Well Water Applications
    Water engineers and technicians will find the innovative Mc Propeller Model MO300SW Reverse-Helix Flow Meter from McCrometer sheds a variety of organic and inorganic debris and resists sand typically associated with flow measurement in surface and water well applications to increase measurement accuracy, reduce maintenance requirements and lower total operating costs
  7. V-Cone Flow Meters Solves Nuclear Lab Underwater Measurement Problem
    A research facility located in the Netherlands, NRG Laboratory, produces nuclear medical isotopes. They conduct tests on materials for nuclear power plants
  8. Piping Change Nearly Leaves Engineer Up The River Without A Paddle
    A short straight pipe run between a river water pumping station and a valve at the Eastman Chemical Company’s plant in Kingsport, TN, caused critical water flow measurement accuracy problems for the company
  9. All New FlowCom Register Model FC100 For Local And Remote Flow Measurement
    With an advanced low power microprocessor design, the new digital FlowCom™ Register from McCrometer provides simultaneous flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for McCrometer’s popular Mc® Propeller Series Flow Meter in a wide range of water monitoring applications
  10. Space-Saving Flow Meter Gives Municipal Water Engineers Lots Of Elbow Room
    Municipal water treatment engineers tasked with measuring liquid flow in close proximity to an elbow will find the self-conditioning V-Cone Flow Meter from McCrometer reduces the straight pipe requirement between the two devices by up to 70-percent versus other meters, resulting in significant real estate and installation labor savings that can actually exceed the cost of the instrument itself