1. VTSA Valve Manifold

    New: up to ISO size 3 and integrated safety functions Unique: mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal

  2. Paper, Printing & Converting Automation Solutions

    Complex processes, aggressive environmental conditions, continuous operation: water, sludge, fibrous material, rejects and pollutants of different consistencies pass through the production stations and need to be separated, sorted or filtered.

  3. Safety Valves MS6-SV-C/MS9-SV-C

    Low-cost and capable of high flow rates Reliable and fast venting of systems

  4. Angle Seat Valve - VZXF Catalog

    The angle seat valve VZXF is an externally controlled 2/2-way valve. Valves of this design are switched by means of an additional pilot medium.

  5. Compressed Air Preparation Brochure

    Anyone who wants to improve process reliability and machine availability must start at the very beginning – and first analyses the compressed air supply in detail. Particles, water and oil are the natural enemies of perfectly prepared compressed air. They have an adverse effect on the components and cost additional energy.

  6. Compressed Air Preparation

    The right compressed air preparation system significantly increases the long service life of Festo components and systems – as well as the process and product reliability.

  7. Overview Of Valve Terminal Systems

    Putting you in a leading position, no matter whether the solution you need is simple or complex.

  8. pH Measurement In Deinking Mills (Secondary Fiber)

    Deinking is a process that turns recycled paper products (also called secondary fiber) into raw pulp for production of refined paper products.

  9. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Application Note

    Using a pulsed laser to create a surface ablation on a sample and then spectroscopically analyzing its elemental and molecular composition is known as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). This form of spectroscopy has been greatly helped with the advent of fiber optic spectrometers, as their flexibility has enabled the measurement of LIBS plasma in harsh or challenging environments. This application discussed the advantages of LIBS, and also explores different instruments that can be used in such an application.

  10. LIBS System Configuration: AvaLIBS Modules Datasheet

    Download the datasheet to find out how AvaLIBS Modules by Avantes can help you configure your LIBS system. A detailed product description is included, along with specifications, an example configuration, and ordering information. A 6 spectrometer configuration and 8 spectrometer configuration are available.