1. LST400 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    The LST400 is an Ultrasonic Level Transmitter capable of measuring liquid level or solid applications up to 50 ft. / 15 meters or flow rates in all types of open channel flow applications. 

  2. The Perfect Retrofit: Power Plant Upgrades Cooling Water System With FPI Mag Flow Meter

    A large power generation plant on a coastal bay site in the United States needed to convert its cooling tower water system to a closed-loop design. The newly retrofitted closed-loop system is more efficient and reduces the thermal impact on the bay. 

  3. FS4000 And FV4000 Flowmeters Brochure

    ABB uses robust design techniques for its unique swirl flowmeters FS4000 to provide high performance and reliable measurement of liquid, gas and steam.

  4. Wafer-Cone Flow Meter

    The Wafer-Cone flowmeter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. A cone is positioned in the center of the pipe to increase the velocity of the flowing fluid and create a differential pressure. This pressure difference can be measured and used to accurately interpret flowrate. 

  5. Angle Seat Valve - VZXF Datasheet

    Perfect for all tasks involving the control of media flows, whether contaminated or highly viscous.

  6. Safety Valves MS6-SV-C/MS9-SV-C Datasheet

    Reliably ensures fastest possible exhaust in the event of an emergency stop in safety critical systems.

  7. Complete Automation Solutions Brochure

    Festo Products and services are known internationally for their top quality and dependable, long-life performance.

  8. Toothed Belt And Spindle Axes EGC/EGC-HD Datasheet

    The comprehensive electric axis series EGC is available in numerous variants. And it offers many advantages, such as high dynamic response and speed, newly defined rigidity, and high load capacity.

  9. Valve Manifolds Type 44 VTSA And Type 45 VTSA-F Datasheet

    New: up to ISO size 3 and integrated safety functions Unique: mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal

  10. Angle Seat Valve - VZXF

    Sturdy: suitable for contaminated or gaseous media to a viscosity of 600 mm²/s Stainless steel design with high thermal resistance Reliable closing on pressure drops thanks to N/C function